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Our philosophy regarding funeral service is that funerals should not be "cookie cutter," in other words, all the same. We believe that a funeral must have meaning and be a personal reflection of the life being remembered.

But how does a funeral service become meaning and personal? While there are aspects of a service that are common to all not all funeral services need be the same. We encourage families to think about how to best reflect the life they are grieving and celebrating. Photos are one the first areas where families can begin to express a personal touch to the service. DeMoney-Grimes provides memory boards for photos or families often create their own. Personal belongings of the deceased can be incorporated in the funeral setting. For instance, for an avid golfer the florist can create a floral spray using a golf club, balls, gloves, and tees. Perhaps the deceased was known for her baking. We can create a recipe card of her well-known baked dish to hand out as a remembrance during visitation.

Families often find it comforting to create a table of personal items most treasured by the deceased. DeMoney-Grimes helps add to the personal touch of the service by creating a video tribute for each family. Taking 15-20 photos brought in by the family a meaningful video keepsake is created for the family to keep.

Additionally, DeMoney-Grimes has developed a memorial card that includes 6-8 photos, obituary information, service information, and a verse that reflects on the life being celebrated. The register book and thank you notes also reflect a touch of personalization with photos.

It is the mission of DeMoney-Grimes to help families create a funeral service that has meaning for them. How that is done is limited only by the imaginations of the families.

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