A Life Story Funeral Home

State-of-the-art, professionally-written Life Stories®

Each life has a story.

We write their story so it will not be forgotten… ever.



The funeral profession is changing at a rapid pace, as customers are demanding more for their money, more than the traditionally staid, sterile funeral service. And nobody knows this better than Randy Grimes and his staff.

Randy Grimes, owner of DeMoney-Grimes Countryside Park Funeral Home has always been on the forefront of change in the profession throughout his years in the business and guiding his staff in preparation for the firms 100th Celebration Year begin January 2015!. Now he’s seeing growing customer demand for funerals that are as much about the life that was lived as the death that occurred.

With that in mind, Randy has announced plans to join what can only be called an industry revolution. Effective immediately DeMoney-Grimes will begin servicing their customers through state-of-the-art, professionally-written Life Stories® of the deceased. The DeMoney-Grimes Staff is currently taking part of the intense Life Story training program.

“It’s our job to take care of people,” Randy explained, “by helping them create a service that is right for them and one that celebrates the life of the loved one that they have lost.”

Every life has a story. Just like we save photographs, people’s stories need to be written and saved, telling of the footprint they left, giving comfort to others now and in the future—a springboard to keep memories alive. You’ve heard it said that a photo is worth a thousand words. DeMoney-Grimes Funeral Home will now ensure those thousand words are gathered, written down, and shared along with the photos. The Life Story® mission is to focus on life and memories, to share every story, and to preserve them for future generations.

The changes will allow DeMoney-Grimes to serve their customers at an entirely new level. Life Story Funerals® attend to the emotional needs of the grieving like no others can, with carefully created presentations involving music, video, and personal Life Stories of the deceased. DeMoney-Grimes Funeral Home will be a large part of the movement to change funerals from death and caskets to an experience that emphasizes life and memories.

“A person’s Life Story,” Randy explains, “is a priceless treasure. Not a treasure to be buried, lost and forgotten. But a wonderful treasure to be shared and passed on and always remembered.”

DeMoney-Grimes Funeral Homes will be the exclusive providers of Life Stories in the entire Whitley County and surrounding counties. For additional information on the our new funeral service philosophies please contact Randy or Brett at 260-244-5122 or info@demoneygrimes.com to ask additional questions or to pre plan your Life Story funeral service.