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Bonnie J. Hile
April 14, 2018

Thomas S. Fey
April 9, 2018

Ruth Joan Hinen
April 6, 2018

Martha L. Crawford
April 2, 2018

Kelly Ray Tate
March 28, 2018

Betty J. Alberty
March 31, 2018

Richard P. Mettler
March 26, 2018

Sandra J. White
March 25, 2018

Thomas Malcolm Trump
March 23, 2018

Verlin G. Schneider
March 23, 2018


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Serving the Whitley County Community Since 1915

The Life Story of DeMoney-Grimes Funeral Home continues this year with the beginning of a NEW CENTURY of service to Columbia City and Whitley County.

Just like you and your family, a business has a life story too. And in addition to the story of our beginning in 1915, the Cyrus B. Tully Mansion, the devastating fire, and the new facility, our story tells WHO we are, HOW we and our profession have changed and progressed over the years, and WHAT our work is like today. It tells how we are connected as friends, family, and community.

By sharing our stories we pass along our legacies. It is by knowing our past that we come to understand our present world. More and more people today are thinking about their legacies, how they themselves will be remembered. Sharing your story is a gift, really, to future generations. It's what connects us with those who came before and those who will come after us.

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